Student Information


Become a Student

It’s easy to become a student!  All you need is a desire to improve your basic reading skills or to complete your GED.

  • You must be an adult student, age 18 or older.
  • Call Project Learn at 216.621.9483 to sign up for orientation.
  • Attend orientation: a nine-hour session over three days.
  • Take all required assessments and learn what it is like to be in a classroom.
  • On the last day of orientation (based on the results of your assessments), you will be assigned to One-to-One Tutoring, Basic Skills class, Pre-GED class, or the GED program.


  • Tutoring is two weekly 90-minute sessions.
  • Basic Skills classes meet twice per week for two hours each day.
  • Pre-GED classes meet twice per week for three hours per day.
  • GED classes meet four times per week for two hours each day.

To sign up for an orientation session or to get more information call 216-621-9483.